Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Sunday was Paul's birthday. His brother and sister drove down from Tallahassee and it was wonderful!

He's so silly about posing.

We walked around the European Village for a while. We got some gelato (amaretto for me),
went to Shakespeare's Elizabethan Tea Room, and just wandered.

Afterward, we came home for cake and presents. My mom and I got Paul a blueberry cake, but disguised it as a carrot cake after Paul's many mentions of hating it. His face when he saw the little carrot decorations was priceless.

We had an awesome weekend.

(all non-instagram photos I borrowed from Liz! thanks!)


  1. That cake idea was pretty fantastic, actually. I could see you and your mom doing something like that, it doesn't surprise me at all! Miss ya'll tons. Hope that everything is going well :)