Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween 2012: Doctor Who!

Nerdz Halloween Party

Late, but this year Paul and I decided to dress up as characters from Doctor Who for Halloween. Paul was the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), and I was a Weeping Angel. A lot of people don't know what the Weeping Angels are, so here's a video:

Nerdz Halloween PartyAttacking the Angel!
Steak&Shake after the party

My costume took a lot of work, but wasn't too expensive. I bought a blue-grey bedsheet from Goodwill for the dress, which I cut, gathered, sewed, and spray painted with two shades of grey. I bought the wings cheaply on Amazon, spray painting them to look more like stone. Picked up the body paint and hair color spray from the Halloween shop in town. It looked good, but was a PAIN to get off!

Paul's costume was a mishmash. He already had the shirt, pants, shoes, and bowtie. We bought the jacket from Goodwill, the suspenders from Walmart, and the Sonic Screwdriver from Books-a-Million. He looked adorable! ♥

We went to a Halloween Party at the local comic book shop, Nerdz. Afterward, we met Paul's brother and sister at Steak & Shake! They'd just gotten into town for the weekend, and I've got another post coming up to cover that! :)

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