Monday, March 24, 2014

meal plan : week 13

DitL: Friday, January 31

Last week was a bit of a bust, foodwise. Since my brother was visiting, we splurged and ate out more than we probably should have. I did, however, make the vegan cabbage rolls. They were delicious and held up so much better than the last batch I made.

Now for this week!

monday: silky spinach soup
tuesday: mexican salad
wednesday: asian kale salad
thursday: big vegan bowl
friday: chickpea & avocado collard wraps

We're changing it up a little bit this week. Paul and I have been stuck in a food rut recently, so we decided to cut back to a bare bones, low carb & sugar, whole foods diet for the next few months. For this week, I've omitted all pasta, rice, and grains. But don't worry, we'll still be getting plenty to eat!

I also stocked up on lots of fruit and veggies for snacking. Paul will be making a large batch of his delicious garlic hummus, and we hard boiled a bunch of eggs tonight for easy grabbing. I'm looking forward to having more energy and feeling all-around better!

What are you eating this week?

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