Sunday, May 18, 2014

catch up.

busyweek busyweek busyweek
Sorry for the radio silence! I went away for about a week to attend a library conference, then things sort of went crazy. But good crazy. There are a lot of changes on the horizon, and we couldn't be happier about them! Fingers crossed that certain things fall the way we're wishing. ;)

So, what else have we been up to?

-began attending a beginner's ballet class
-went away for a 4-day library conference in Orlando
-presented at said conference
-visited Disney every night during that conference
-was joined by Paul for the weekend at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter
-surprised my mom for Mother's Day and loved every second of it
-soaked up some more precious time with my nephew
-enjoyed a visit to the library by a Disney performer with a true passion for what he does
-got excited by a friend's spectacular news
-taken on a lot more work
-readied our porch for summer

It's been a great few weeks! We'll be back to your regularly scheduled meal plans & more very soon! ♥

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