Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fables Comics.

I've been stuck recently on Fables. The comics are brilliantly done, and it doesn't hurt that I've loved fairy tales my entire life. Even my IB Essay was focused on fairy tales!

Fables was created by Bill Willingham in 2002, published by Vertigo. There are currently 107 issues. Reading them the last two weeks, I'm already up to 70-something. I'd be further if boyfriend hadn't taken off with his Nook Color last Sunday! I can't wait to continue reading them.

We've even begun collecting the comics! Boyfriend had several before now, but he'd never read them. He stopped by our favorite comic book shop, Fallout Comics, and secretly bought as many issues as he could for me!

In other news, graduate school has begun and it's beyond wonderful. More on that another time!

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