Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holiday Happenings.

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A few days before Christmas, Paul and I ventured up to St. Augustine to grab coffee from our favorite little place-- Crucial Coffee Cafe. It was decorated very sweetly, with lots of white lights and hanging ornaments. I was too busy trying to juggle two drinks and keep warm to take a photo of the outside, unfortunately. It was beautiful! As a consolation, below is a photo of Crucial Coffee I took on a warmer day.
It began as a blacksmith's shop hundreds of years ago, or so I've been told by the employees. Either way, it's lovely.
The following evening, we finally made it to Palm Coast's Fantasy Lights, out at the Town Center. It was freezing and windy, but we had a good time strolling around the pond and checking out the lights with our coffees to keep our hands warm.
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Most of the lights were moving, and so Paul came up with what he thought was a hilarious photo op-- him getting kicked by the donkey. :P
I wanted to note that this was our first holiday season not working in retail, and it was glorious. I'm very glad to be out of that world, and actually have time off. I get to be there for precious moments with my family, and it's the best feeling ever.
It was a lovely holiday season!

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