Friday, June 21, 2013


Photo taken on our drive back from Spring Hill last week...

Thinking about...

How happiness can be a choice. I saw a quote about that on Pinterest a few weeks back, thinking that it sounded nice. This past week, however, it's been on my mind constantly. We've been going through some rough times that are completely out of our control, and it could be easy to give into the helpless feelings and be miserable. Instead, we're trying to be positive as often as possible and hope that things get better. Patience is a huge factor here, and as scary as it is to have no control, at least I've got Paul.


I've definitely slowed down with reading lately, but I'm still working on a few things. I'm currently reading Four Letters of Love by Niall Williams, which was recommended to me by someone at work. It was a slow start, but the writing was beautiful and I think I'm hooked at this point.
As far as girly fiction is concerned, I finished A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell last week. They were both easy, cute reads. Attachments was a little different because it's from two different points of view--a man whose job it is to read company e-mails, and the e-mail exchange of two women there. I really enjoyed both books as summer reading.
On the backburner, I've got several cookbooks sitting around, including Raw & Simple by Judita Wignall. It's a nice cookbook, with easy raw recipes, but it's the introduction that got my attention. Simply put, I'll be changing my diet very soon as a result.

Listening to...

Lately, we've been listening to Electrolounge and Lost in the Stacks on our local public radio station. Lost in the Stacks is an awesome concept where two local Jacksonville librarians (!!!) play music from Jacksonville Public Library. Simple, but awesome.
I'm also on a huge Macklemore kick that's lasted a few months at this point. His live sessions are amazing. I've pretty much got all of Thrift Shop memorized, which Paul finds endlessly amusing.

Working on...

I was very lucky to go to NEFLIN's Technology Conference in Jacksonville a few days ago, and it's really got me thinking about how best to incorporate technology into my work at the library. I got some tips on how to improve my e-book classes, but I was also made aware of all the cool things happening in other libraries. I can't wait to incorporate some of these into my own! We've already begun creating makerspaces and using apps in our storytimes, but there are so many other things to consider. My mind is slightly overloaded at this point, but hopefully I'll be able to sort some ideas out soon.

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