Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Day in the Life of a Library Assistant

It's October! How did that even happen? All of a sudden, Paul and I have been married for over seven months, I've got two new babies in my life, and the holidays seem to be closing in on us.

I want to use this month to get caught up on this blog. I've got hundreds of photos from our trip to Gatlinburg that I've yet to go through, and that was back in July! Then there are all of these baby photos I've been snapping... over 600 already!

Some other goals I want to keep in mind this month:
♥ Be patient in everything I do.
♥ Do yoga every day--or at least get in some stretching!
♥ Drink loads of water.
♥ Eat more vegan meals.
♥ Spend more time on the hammocks with Paul.
♥ Take more photos--and post them!

Happy October, everyone!