Monday, February 3, 2014

meal plan : week 6

Our meal plan got all mixed up last week thanks to a contaminated water notice on our door! We ate out more than I would've liked as a result, but we still managed to eat everything on our plan except the yellow split pea & potato soup. It was my first time making a vegan breakfast, but oh my, it was delicious! I forsee many more tofu scrambles in our future, mostly because Paul loved it. I also adored the ginger & lime carrot soup, but it did not make enough! Next time, I'll double the recipe.

Onto this week's eats!

monday: lemon & garlic rainbow swiss chard over couscous with chickpeas
tuesday: yellow split pea & potato soup
wednesday: cheezy loaded potato broccoli soup
thursday: spicy roasted bok choy with baked tofu & rice
friday: lentil & cauliflower rice tacos with a turnip & red cabbage slaw

I'll be changing up a few recipes to reflect what we got from our farm bag, such as switching the normal cauliflower rice for green and the green cabbage for red. I'm also leaving off the yogurt dressing that goes with the slaw I linked to above. Instead, I'll throw together some sort of apple cider vinegar dressing.

What are you eating?

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