Tuesday, February 11, 2014

meal plan : week 7

We were really off of our game last week and let things slide on our meal plan. I chalk this up to being constantly tired--I think I was on the verge of getting sick, but all is well! I'm feeling much more energetic this week. As a result, you'll see some of the same items from last week's menu below.

One meal we made and loved? The lemon & garlic rainbow swiss chard. Subtle and delicious! Now, onto this week's eats!

monday: spicy roasted bok choy with baked tofu & rice
tuesday: lentil & cauliflower rice tacos with a turnip & red cabbage slaw
wednesday: yellow split pea soup with sauteed greens
thursday: lemony roasted brussels sprouts with grilled, marinated tofu (no recipe, just throwing it together)
friday: curried kabocha squash soup with sauteed rainbow swiss chard (own recipe)

The soup on Valentine's Day is simple but special thanks to serving it in the actual squash. It looks much fancier than it actually is! I'd really like to continue posting meals and recipes that we throw together for foodie friday--what do you think?

Happy eating!

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