Tuesday, February 18, 2014

meal plan : week 8

DitL: Friday, January 31

Even with the holiday weekend, I'm still late posting this! Everything was planned out way in advance, but I was busy being ultra-productive on Monday around the house. Thank goodness, as this coming weekend is going to be a whirlwind thanks to our anniversary trip!

So, last week. We adored the spicy roasted bok choy. I baked up some tofu and cooked some rice to go along with it, making it a quick & easy dinner. Unfortunately, the yellow split pea soup was not our favorite. It ended up being too thick and salty, but that may have been an error on my part. Regardless, onto this week's eats!

monday: lentil & green cauliflower rice tacos with red cabbage slaw
tuesday: ginger & lime carrot soup, doubling the recipe, as it doesn't make enough!
wednesday: vegan brekkie for dinner
thursday: falafel with tahini sauce, veganized
friday: french lentil soup in the slowcooker

Happy eating!

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