Tuesday, March 11, 2014

meal plan : week 11

DitL: Friday, January 31

Last week was delicious! My very favorite dinner was the yellow split pea dal, which I made on the stovetop, not in the ricecooker. We served it with steamed rice, and it was a major comforting meal.

monday: thai kale salad with baked tofu & peanut dressing
tuesday: mediterranean couscous
wednesday: taco salad
thursday: cabbage rolls
saturday: romanesco soup

You might notice less links on our weekly meal plans. That's because I just haven't been finding the right vegan recipes for what I want to make. Normally, I browse around pinterest using keywords of ingredients I want to use, and put together a general idea of what I want to make. I'd like to put more of our own recipes on here. Would you be interested?

Happy Tuesday!

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