Friday, August 27, 2010



I got bored a few weeks ago and decided to document my night-time routine. Something about going through the same steps each night before bed is therapeutic. It helps to wind down and prepare myself for going to sleep, especially when I have school the next day.

Now that I have to wake up ridiculously early for classes (7-8am?!), doing this is great. The only thing I've added is a dose of melatonin with a glass of water. By the time I've finished, the drowsiness kicks in and it's easy to nod off.

For these photos, I placed my camera inside the medicine cabinet above my sink. We've got the tiniest bathroom ever, with the door right next to the cabinet behind me. The toilet is below the cabinet. I think the next house we rent will need to have a larger bathroom!







Goodnight, everyone!

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