Friday, January 24, 2014

foodie friday.

burrito works taco shop: saint augustine beach

YUM. Our second-ever foodie friday finds us at one of our favorite local spots on the beach: Burrito Works Taco Shop. We've tried all four locations, including the original spot in Flagler Beach, but this one is by far our favorite.

This location is small, and there's no indoor seating, but the ambience and food more than make up for it. To the left of this photo, there's a lovely little outdoor seating area. Picnic tables, adirondack chairs, and huge umbrellas coupled with the strong salty air remind you that the beach is only a block away.

Thankfully, the weather was still warm on this day. We even took a trip down to the beach afterward. Hard to believe it was just a few days ago now! I spent all of today shivering!

So, what makes Burrito Works different from the rest of Florida's taco shops? Take a look at the menu to find out! Everything is made with fresh ingredients in a SoCal style. Above, we shared an order of nachos "baja style"--with onion, cilantro, lime, cabbage, and spicy white sauce.

Paul got a huge veggie burrito, while DV went with a steak quesadilla to hold him over on his drive back to Georgia. We've each tried so many things on the menu, and not one item has disappointed. I'm especially fond of their veggie burrito bowls!

Plus, this view is only a two-minute walk away. You just can't beat it!

Do you have a favorite taco shop in your area?

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