Sunday, January 26, 2014

meal plan : week 5.

Flashback: Our favorite grocery store in Tallahassee, New Leaf Market!

We ate all of our meals last week! Most were absolutely delicious. Paul's favorite was the black bean burgers with cabbage, carrot, and kale slaw. Mine was split between the lemongrass & ginger coconut lentil soup (great flavors!) and the sushi salad. Neither of us loved the hoppin' john bowl, unfortunately. The black eyed peas just tasted so earthy! Perhaps we'll try a different brand next time.

Onto this week's eats!

Monday: Ginger & lime carrot soup with salad, topped with sweet & spicy roasted chickpeas
Tuesday: Homemade spaghetti with lentil & mushroom tomato sauce
Wednesday: French lentil soup
Thursday: Yellow split pea & potato soup
Friday: Vegan brekkie! Tofu scramble and turnip, potato, and carrot hash

I also wanted to give a little insight on how I work with our meal plan. Even though they're labeled with certain days, I'm flexible. We move things around sometimes based on cravings or convenience. Twice last week, I fell asleep right when I got home without eating dinner. We adjusted. This is also why I don't "schedule" meals for Saturday and Sunday. It allows us to move a weekday meal to the weekend if we unexpectedly go out to dinner, or if we have a bunch of leftovers. I also adjust the recipes themselves if they are not already vegan. While Paul and I are not vegans, we like to eat that way as often as possible. :)

tldr; Be flexible. Meal plans are helpful guides, not strict rules.

What are you eating this week?

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